20 February 2012

By now you would have either read or heard about the various postings on the social network pages and on the various chat groups. We are referring to the comments attributed to Mr Herman van Noordwyk, who is currently under a year 's suspension, ending June 2012. Firstly we need to refute Mr van Noordwyk's allegation in a mail of 3 February, that we are only holding a hearing 8 months after he was suspended. A meeting was held by all the Cape delegates after the various comments posted by Mr van Noordwyk at that time, and the outcome was that he receive a one year suspension.

The hearing that Mr van Noordwyk was asked to attend on 18 February, which he failed to attend, was to discuss the welfare of his cats, the various defamatory and slanderous remarks he has made as well as matters that have brought the Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC) into both national and international disrepute.

We, as regulatory body, need to advise all of our members and the general public of the true state of affairs. The SACC has been accused, solely on hearsay, of dragging their feet, but nothing can be further from the truth! Never let it be said that we suspend members based solely on hearsay, contrary to what Mr van Noordwyk says. We will always do a full examination of all of the facts, obtaining written and if at all possible photographic proof. Once we are 100% sure of the facts, only then will we proceed with a full investigation, and if necessary call in the member to discuss the matter. Whilst the matters discussed at the meeting of 18 February are extremely unpleasant, we feel that without everybody knowing the complete truth this matter will continue to fester for weeks to come. The following is a brief outline of the charges that we had hoped to discuss with Mr van Noordwyk, as well as the proof we had gathered to refute his wild allegations.

1. Mr van Noordwyk brought SACC into disrepute by accusing an overseas breeder, and delegates, of fraudulently altering registration certificates. We have a written report confirming that the cat on the registration certificate (allegedly altered) was NEVER registered to Mr van Noordwyk.

2. Mr van Noordwyk brought SACC into disrepute was well as misrepresenting SACC by stating that SACC would not register cats from this overseas organisation. Even had Mr van Noordwyk not been suspended at the time, he would not have had the authority to make such statements.

3. Mr van Noordwyk made defamatory and unfounded comments about a member of the public, and in doing so did untold damage to this person 's business. Mr van Noordwyk also laid a charge of theft against this member of the public after requesting that this person please take his cats (21 kittens, queens and a stud) into safety. This request came after a public disturbance at his house and that the cats were under threat. This can be verified on Mr van Noordwyk 's own Face Book page. Mr van Noordwyk has also posted photos of his cats after he received them back, accusing the member of the public of not having looked after his cats. Again we have photographic proof (the photos ' were taken about 12 hours after the cats arrived at the member of public 's premises) that the cats arrived from Mr van Noordwyk 's home in this condition. We also have a full vet 's report on the condition and treatment of the cats. While two cats died and others lost an eye, it is in no way attributable to this member of the public. It should be noted that this same member of the public who has been accused of theft and mistreatment of the cats, spent a small fortune of his own money to treat the cats. Mr van Noordwyk has since repaid R 20 000,00 which is less than half of the bill. It should also be noted that even after the theft charge and the accusations of ill treatment, Mr van Noordwyk wanted this same member of the public to look after his studs on a monthly basis!

4. Mr van Noordwyk acted contrary to the code of ethics expected of SACC breeders. Kittens taken from Mr van Noordwyk had not been inoculated and by Mr van Noordwyk 's own admission he did not know the parents of all the kittens.

5. Mr van Noordwyk made defamatory statements concerning the Chairman of the All Breeds Cat Club (ABCC) on the various social media networks. It has also been established that Mr van Noordwyk obtained a confidential ABCC members list, and spread further defamatory statements as well as false statements concerning the financial viability of the club. These statements can only be seen as a total fabrication as Mr van Noordwyk is not a member of the club and would therefore not have had the privilege of been able to inspect the books. These same books have been audited and accepted by those present at the ABCC AGM last Saturday.

6. Mr van Noordwyk attempted to defame the current vice president of SACC, on a worldwide social network.

Whilst it was not of general knowledge, Mr van Noordwyk has received help from various sources. A member of a local club, who is a delegate to SACC (and who was also defamed), had been to his house to try and guide him in how to go about showing and registering his cats. Another delegate from Gauteng has also tried to advise Mr van Noordwyk regarding who he should approach overseas to get the best cats. Local delegates have also tried to assist with the application for recognition of Mr van Noordwyk Turkish Angora cats. These are the very same people that Mr van Noordwyk has found it necessary to insult and accuse.

In closing we would once again like to assure everybody, both local and international, that the welfare of the cats is of paramount importance to us. Whilst those present at the meeting on the 18 February do not want to divulge the full ruling and outcome until Mr van Noordwyk has been advised, we would like to assure all of our members and our international friends that we will not tolerate such despicable behaviour.


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