Kaai du Plessis



I live in The Kingdom of The Zulu, in Durban South Africa, I live 30 minutes out of Durban in the hilly Kloof area.

I became the proud owner of my Persian cat in 1987 from a breeder in Johannesburg. Show my Persian at a show in 1988. As I was putting my baby in a cage at the show and looking at the other cats, I knew that she was not a good example of the breed.

I decided there and then that if I want a good example, the best will be to breed with my good example to a good example to the right blood lines.

First litter was born in 1989 which produced two Supremes out of the litter.

I have bred out of my lines numerous Supremes. Other breeding was British and had two litters only, and had three Supremes out the two litters.

Currently breeding British.

I am a great believer that judges can learn from breeders, if you want to grow and understand what breeders want to achieve without being negative.


I became a Committee Member of the Persian Cat Society in 1990 and is still a member of the Society. I have been the Treasurer and Chairman of the Persian Cat Society .

I am the Show Manager for the prestigious "World Of Dogs And Cats" from the first championship show to be held in May or November every year.

I was the Vice president of the SACC (Southern Africa Cat Council) for 2002 and 2003.

From 2004 to 2007 the President of SACC and a position that I take very serous to insure the promotion of the cat fancy and pedigree cats.

Currently I am again Vice President.

I have been at 2 Word Cat Congress meetings.

  • Hadfield UK 2006.
  • Dortmund Germany 2007.



I started my first course in 1992 and received my All Breed Judge Status in April 2001.

I found my own breed course Persian difficult as I have to forget my personal differences.

The most difficult course was the Foreign Group as there where 24 different breeds to learn.

I am a Panel Member The Kwa-Zulu Natal Panel of Judges (Natal)

My position in this panel is  training of judges.

Registrar's Office

  P O Box 28732, Kensington, Gauteng
  011 616 7017
  086 616 8294


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