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Devon Rex Breeders

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Taldi Uptotrix 

The typical Devon is active, mischievous, playful, and people-oriented.

They have been described "a monkey in a cat suit". They are high-jumpers and will try to occupy any space large enough to admit them. With this trait, they are often found in odd nooks and crannies of a cupboard, shelf, or laundry basket. They prefer to be in high places and will go to great lengths to get to the highest spot in a room.

Another common trait is their show of affection: they have a particular penchant for being close to the head or neck of their human companions and often perch on shoulders or nestle into the cranny created by the neck and shoulder.  Most Devons have one person to whom they devote their love, and on whom they will most often curl up on. They like to playfully nip, and love to play throughout their lives.

They are a very intelligent breed.  The typical Devon Rex can be trained to walk on a leash, fetch or perform all manner of tricks usually associated with canines, like jump, heel and tag to name a few.


Contact Name

Contact No


Kittens Available

Fancy Face

PC & H Bekker

084 602 1263



Paula Pires

083 525 2167


My Kiska

Tetyana Forward

083 271 3765


Daniel Mostert

076 720 0598



Dina Freitas

011-763 1399



Marilyn Schramm & Cheryl Moss

011-965 0690


Special Additions

 Michelle Moorhouse

076 071 9041



Johan Groenewald & Ian Taylor

041 3682948


Wide Skies

Russel Spargo

082 771 3895



Lauren Pearce

082 743 1767


To be listed in this section, please contact the Registrar . In your mail kindly provide your registration details as well as the information you wish to have published here.

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Registrar's Office

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  011 616 7017
  086 616 8294


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