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SACC Steward's Forum and Stewards



1.1 To protect the Interest of Stewards

1.2 To educate members of the Forum.

1.3 To organize workshops or Stewards courses.

1.4 To encourage members to develop their skills in stewarding.

1.5 To promote good relations between Stewards, Exhibitors, Judges and Show Officials.

1.6 To produce a training manual.


There shall be a Stewards' Forum in each of the following centres:

2.1 Johannesburg

2.2 Durban

2.3 Port Elizabeth

2.4 Cape Town


3.1 Any person interested in Stewarding at Cat Shows shall register as a member.

3.2 Any person over the age of 14 years may register as a member.

3.3 A fully paid up member of a Cat Club associated to SACC.


An annual membership fee of R10.00 is payable on/or before January 1st. Payment to be effected directly to the Secretary of the Stewards' Forum, of that region.


Stewards will be divided into three (3) sections depending on their qualifications and experience, namely:

5.1 Trainee

5.2 Junior Steward (minimum age of 16)

5.3 Senior Steward (minimum age of 18)


6.1 Member Stewards shall elect a Chairperson and Secretary from amongst themselves.

6.2 The Secretary will be responsible for all communication between the Forum and other Offices of SACC and its members. The Secretary shall be in control of all income and expenditure and account annually to the members.


7.1 All members shall have 1 vote.

7.2 In the event of an equal number of votes no person shall have a deciding vote.

7.3 The Committee shall meet from time to time by giving notice to all members.

7.4 The business of the Forum shall be conducted in writing, by fax, telephone or e-mail.


The members of The Stewards Forum are subject to the Rules of SACC and submit themselves to the disciplinary Rules as set out in the Constitution of SACC.


9.1 Head Stewards shall report any complaint to the Show Manager concerned and submit a written report to the Committee of the Forum in the event of any complaint.


10.1 Stewards shall wear a white covering (coat, jacket, shirt) that must be buttoned up while cats are being handled.

10.2 No strong smelling perfume, after shave or deodorant may be worn; some cat react negatively to strong scents.

10.3 Tinkling bangles, long earrings, etc. shall not be worn as they can become entangles in claws or startle nervous cats.

10.4 Long hair must be tied back from the face.


11.1 Stewards shall not talk or comment to a judge busy judging an exhibit. Questions may only be asked after the judge has finished writing his/her book or finished a class.

11.2 Stewards shall not pass the judge's opinion on an exhibit on to the owner of that cat or other exhibitors.

11.3 Stewards shall refrain from speaking to judges while Supreme Classes or Best in Show Classes are being judged.

11.4 A Steward shall not take a nervous or fractious cat out of a cage for another Steward if that cat belongs to him/her, a member of the same household or a family member in the first degree.


12.1 Stewards shall arrive at the time stipulated by the Show Manager to complete the vetting in and benching of their own cats before the bulk of exhibitors arrive so that waiting in queue to vet in their cats does not delay the starting of their duties.

12.2 Stewards shall report to the Head Steward or Show Manager in order to have their judges/duties assigned to them.

12.3 After their judges have completed judging, Stewards shall be available throughout the course of the day for duties such as giving water to exhibits, cleaning litter trays, placing rosettes on cages and handling or fetching cats for Best in Show judging.

12.4 If the Steward knows or has bred a cat in a class, or has knowledge of who owns a cat in a class, the Steward should act with the utmost diplomacy so that the judge would be totally unaware of the situation.

12.5 Failure to comply with the wishes and or requests of the Show Manager may result in a written reprimand via the Stewards' Forum.


13.1 In the event of any proposals, recommendation or amendment of a rule relating to Stewards matters, the Secretary shall forward these proposals to all other Stewards' Forums for their voting.

13.2 The weight of these opinions shall form the basis for an annual poll (in questionaire form) prepared by the Secretary.

13.3 At least 50% of all members from the various Stewards' Forums must have responded.

13.4 The Secretary of each Stewards' Forum shall forward those results from the polls to the Secretary of SACC to be included in the Agenda of the Annual General Meeting of GC of SACC for voting.

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Cape Panel Of Cat Judges

CONSTITUTION of the Cape Panel of Cat Judges


This body shall be known as "THE CAPE PANEL OF CAT JUDGES", herinafter referred to as "the Panel".

2.1 To provide Judges, to judge at shows held under the Rules of the Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC).

2.2 To uphold at all times the integrity and dignity of its members and the prestige and honour of judging.

2.3 To widen the knowledge and proficiency of its members.

2.4 To uphold the standards for all breeds of cats, as laid down in the Standard of Points and ratified by the Governing Council of SACC.

2.5 To select, train and examine suitable candidates in accordance with the procedure laid down by the SA Council of Cat Judges.

2.6 To carry out the affairs of the Panel as a non-profit making concern. All excess of revenue over expenditure to be utilised to further the aims of the Panel.
3.1 It shall be competent for the Panel to associate itself with or affiliate to, other bodies having similar objectives, in order to co-ordinate and promote the activities of this and other Panels.
4.1 The Panel shall be an autonomous body formally recognised by the SA Council of Cat Judges and the Governing Council of SACC, and shall consist of accredited Judges resident in the Cape.

4.2 Members of this Panel may not simultaneously be members of another Panel in South Africa.

4.3 It shall also consist of all persons who are invited to become members and who accept membership in writing.

4.4 Duly qualified persons may apply to join the Panel and to receive accreditation. A simple majority vote at a meeting shall suffice to approve such an application.

4.5 Members are required to up-date their knowledge and judging standards constantly.

4.6 At the first meeting in any calender year, the Panel shall appoint from amongst its members an Honorary Chairman, an Honorary Liason/Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer, who shall hold office for that year. They shall be eligible for re-election in any succeeding year.

4.7 Each member shall pay an annual subscription by the first meeting in any calender year. This amount may be altered from time to time by a 2/3 majority vote of members.

4.8 The membership of any member of the Panel may be terminated in the following circumstance:

4.8.1 Written notice of voluntary resignation.

4.8.2 At the request of the Panel for failure or inability to uphold the objectives of the Panel. In such cases a 2/3 majority vote is necessary.

4.9 Any member failing to attend two consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have ceased membership of the Panel, unless adequate reasons are offered and accepted.

5.1 The Panel shall hold at least four meetings annually.

5.2 A quorum shall consist of 50% of the members, calculated in the event of a fraction to the next highest number.

6.1 Where clauses require a 2/3 majority vote, all members must be invited to vote either in writing or by presence at a meeting. All other matters shall be decided by a simple majority vote of members present at a meeting.

6.2 In all cases, should there be an equality of votes, the Chairman shall exercise a second or casting vote.

6.3 Any amendment or additon to this Constitution can be passed by a 2/3 majority vote of the members.

The Chairman shall act as Disciplinary Officer with the assistance of any two Panel members appointed as required.
In the event of a complaint of a serious nature agains a member of the Panel, or at the request of the Disciplinary Officers, the following procedure should be adopted:

7.1 No complaint shall be considered unless made in writing and signed by the complainant.

7.2 The member concerned shall be informed immediately of the nature of the complaint by the Disciplinary Officer.

7.3 A Hearing shall then be arranged between the member, the complainant and the Disciplinary Officers.

7.4 If deemed necessary by the Disciplinary Officers, the outcome of this Hearing may be disclosed to the Panel.

7.5 The Panel's decision in this matter shall be a 2/3 majority vote by ballot and shall be final and binding.

In the event of a dissolution of the Panel, all debts shall be settled and any balance of assets be disposed of according to a vote of 2/3 of the Panel at a General Meeting.

October 1986, amended February 2002.

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SACC Breed Council Rules

The S.A. Breed Council serves as advisory body on breed Standards of Points and New Breeds to GC of SACC.

The Breed Council Rules may be downloaded.

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