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Wednesday, 19 September 2007 21:34

Ingrid de Wet

I got my first Colourpoint, a blue point female on 6 June 1980 This was the start of my love affair with the Colourpoint Persian. Because I lived in Port Elizabeth, I had access to only one show (in those days!) per year. For any other how I had to travel to Cape Town or another centre. Because I was so isolated, I joined every Colourpoint/ Himalayan breeders ' group in the United States, United Kingdom and Europe ( if I was able to read the language I joined!) I could find!

Nine years later I moved to live in Benoni, where I was able to show cats several times a year without making a big expedition out of the weekend. I stewarded at every show, and eventually started acting as Head Steward more and more often. It was inevitable that I would start working on my training towards a future cat judge.

I became a member of the Cat Fanciers ' Club of SA in 1980 and a committee member in 1988 and filled several portfolios over the years. I was Editor for the Cat Fancier 's Club magazine for several years and helped with shows until I found myself acting as show manager for the CFC shows in the mid nineties. I have represented the CFC as their Delegate at times and have been SACC Breed Council Secretary since 1996.

Like so many of my SACC fellow judges, I have been privileged to judge in other countries. I have judged in several cities in Australia, in New Zealand and in Paris, France. My most recent trip was to Namibia where I met my fellow African Exhibitors.

These travels have made me realize what a high standard is maintained by our local breeders, sometimes in the face of great difficulty. I have great admiration for my fellow South African breeders who dedicate themselves to the betterment (on all levels) of their respective breeds. Keep up the fight! It is worth it!

Today I am still dedicated to the improvement of my chosen breed, The Colourpoint Persian I act as Show Manager for CFC at least one show per year and get the opportunity to handle the beautiful breeds out there when I assess them as an All Breeds judge.


Ingrid de Wet Judge SACC


Wednesday, 19 September 2007 21:21

June du Buisson

Qualified as an all  breeds judge in the early 1980's and judged at shows around the country and in Zimbabwe since that time.

A member of the Transvaal Cat Society Committee for several years and at present the Hon. Vice President.

Home & Fax No:  011 704 3842.

Cell No.  083 254 4537

Wednesday, 19 September 2007 21:17

Jane Goble

I completed my training as a Registered Nurse in 1976 at Bulawayo Central Hospital in what is now Zimbabwe

Immigrated to South Africa in 1983

I was married for 26 years and am now divorced I have two daughters aged 25 & 22, my eldest daughter, Megan, was instrumental in getting me involved in the Burmese breed and again for getting the breeding process started!!

Mela Cattery was registered in 1998 with SACC and I became a member of the Persian Cat Society in 1999, breeding my first Supreme Champion in 2000

Alison Renwick and I imported a female lilac tortie & a male cream  Burmese in 2003, he has been an excellent foundation to both our catteries and the cattery we registered for our co-owned cats – Onaoan

I have been working as a Medical Rep in the industry for 18 years and with my present company, Bayer Schering Pharma for the past 15 years, specializing in cardio-vascular, anti-infective & endocrine drugs

I started the judges course in late 2005 and have just completed the Siamese/Oriental course & am finally the judge of one breed!!!

My interests include theatre, movies, reading, scrap-booking and of course my cats



Jane Goble Judge for SACC



Wednesday, 19 September 2007 20:42

Karen Pepler

Member of the CJI panel in Gauteng. Started showing Abyssinians and Orientals in 1985 and stewarding at all cat shows. Soon added Turkish Vans and Somalis to my breeding program. Scottish Folds, Munchkins, LaPerms joined this list later.

Bred and owned several top cats in COTY over the years, including the 2001 winner, a Turkish Van, Karnaki Kemal. I also own Cymrics, American Curls, Birmans and one delightful Skookum.


Karen Pepler Judge for SACC


Monday, 09 July 2007 07:59

Awards 2007

The SACC is proud to announce winners for 2007 in the Categories of Breeder of the Year, Stud of the Year and Brood Queen of the Year.
Published in Cat of the Year 2007
Saturday, 30 December 2006 02:32

Cat of the Year 2006

Cat of the Year 2006
Le'Exquisite Beau Monde
Owned and Bred by Brenda Neukircher
Cat of the Year 2006
Published in Cat of the Year 2006
Thursday, 28 December 2006 22:12

SACC Rules Governing Judges and Judges Panels


(OCTOBER 2002)

Published in Rules for Judges
Thursday, 28 December 2006 22:07

East Coast KwaZulu Natal Panel of Cat Judges


This document may be downloaded here.

Published in Panels
Thursday, 28 December 2006 21:56

Cape Panel Of Cat Judges

CONSTITUTION of the Cape Panel of Cat Judges


This body shall be known as "THE CAPE PANEL OF CAT JUDGES", herinafter referred to as "the Panel".

2.1 To provide Judges, to judge at shows held under the Rules of the Southern Africa Cat Council (SACC).

2.2 To uphold at all times the integrity and dignity of its members and the prestige and honour of judging.

2.3 To widen the knowledge and proficiency of its members.

2.4 To uphold the standards for all breeds of cats, as laid down in the Standard of Points and ratified by the Governing Council of SACC.

2.5 To select, train and examine suitable candidates in accordance with the procedure laid down by the SA Council of Cat Judges.

2.6 To carry out the affairs of the Panel as a non-profit making concern. All excess of revenue over expenditure to be utilised to further the aims of the Panel.
3.1 It shall be competent for the Panel to associate itself with or affiliate to, other bodies having similar objectives, in order to co-ordinate and promote the activities of this and other Panels.
4.1 The Panel shall be an autonomous body formally recognised by the SA Council of Cat Judges and the Governing Council of SACC, and shall consist of accredited Judges resident in the Cape.

4.2 Members of this Panel may not simultaneously be members of another Panel in South Africa.

4.3 It shall also consist of all persons who are invited to become members and who accept membership in writing.

4.4 Duly qualified persons may apply to join the Panel and to receive accreditation. A simple majority vote at a meeting shall suffice to approve such an application.

4.5 Members are required to up-date their knowledge and judging standards constantly.

4.6 At the first meeting in any calender year, the Panel shall appoint from amongst its members an Honorary Chairman, an Honorary Liason/Secretary and an Honorary Treasurer, who shall hold office for that year. They shall be eligible for re-election in any succeeding year.

4.7 Each member shall pay an annual subscription by the first meeting in any calender year. This amount may be altered from time to time by a 2/3 majority vote of members.

4.8 The membership of any member of the Panel may be terminated in the following circumstance:

4.8.1 Written notice of voluntary resignation.

4.8.2 At the request of the Panel for failure or inability to uphold the objectives of the Panel. In such cases a 2/3 majority vote is necessary.

4.9 Any member failing to attend two consecutive meetings shall be deemed to have ceased membership of the Panel, unless adequate reasons are offered and accepted.

5.1 The Panel shall hold at least four meetings annually.

5.2 A quorum shall consist of 50% of the members, calculated in the event of a fraction to the next highest number.

6.1 Where clauses require a 2/3 majority vote, all members must be invited to vote either in writing or by presence at a meeting. All other matters shall be decided by a simple majority vote of members present at a meeting.

6.2 In all cases, should there be an equality of votes, the Chairman shall exercise a second or casting vote.

6.3 Any amendment or additon to this Constitution can be passed by a 2/3 majority vote of the members.

The Chairman shall act as Disciplinary Officer with the assistance of any two Panel members appointed as required.
In the event of a complaint of a serious nature agains a member of the Panel, or at the request of the Disciplinary Officers, the following procedure should be adopted:

7.1 No complaint shall be considered unless made in writing and signed by the complainant.

7.2 The member concerned shall be informed immediately of the nature of the complaint by the Disciplinary Officer.

7.3 A Hearing shall then be arranged between the member, the complainant and the Disciplinary Officers.

7.4 If deemed necessary by the Disciplinary Officers, the outcome of this Hearing may be disclosed to the Panel.

7.5 The Panel's decision in this matter shall be a 2/3 majority vote by ballot and shall be final and binding.

In the event of a dissolution of the Panel, all debts shall be settled and any balance of assets be disposed of according to a vote of 2/3 of the Panel at a General Meeting.

October 1986, amended February 2002.

Published in Panels
Thursday, 28 December 2006 03:40

Breed Group Rules

The SACC breed groups serve as advisory bodies on breed standards to the GC of SACC and also serve a broad educational purpose.

Published in Rules
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