There is a fast-spreading pedigree kitten scam doing the rounds. Scamsters are using the name and cattery name of registered breeders, creating credible-looking email addresses and are marketing kittens at exorbitant prices and even more exorbitant shipping fees. Of course the kittens do not exist and once payment has been received, the ‘breeder’ vanishes and the number no longer works. Some complainants have mentioned "West Africa/French accents" when they did, in early phases of the buying process, spoken to these fraudulent "breeders".
We urge you to please do due diligence and confirm email addresses and telephone numbers of breeders with the 3 South African cat registration bodies before responding to any adverts. If what is seen in an advert or email differs from what the registration bodies’ supply, BE AWARE! All reputable breeders would have to be registered with at least one of these bodies. Also see http://www.kittycat.co.za/warning-kitten-scams/

Peterbald Breeders

Loek-Maew Born This Way of LaMaska (imp)

Peterbalds are sweet-tempered, affectionate, peaceful, curious, smart and energetic.

They are medium vocal and tend to follow their owners and always be with them. Peterbalds typically live in harmony with other cats and pets, and also with children.


Contact Name

Contact No


Kittens Available

African Catz Natasja van Antwerpen 074 950 3986    
Bell-Aimee Aimee Hendriksz 072 426 7810 www.bellaimeecattery.com  


Nicole Barratt

084 677 2743


Minki Liu Nicole Earnshaw 082 649 2344 www.minkiliu.weebly.com  

To be listed in this section, please contact the Registrar . In your mail kindly provide your registration details as well as the information you wish to have published here.

Breed information from Wikipedia.org under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

Registrar's Office

  P O Box 28732, Kensington, Gauteng
  011 616 7017
  086 616 8294


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