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The Siamese is a popular breed of cat and is probably the best known of the pointed cat breeds with their blue eyes, light coloured coats and darker legs, tail, face and ears and playful, inquisitive personalities and their voices - definitely a vocal cat!

Although there are many coat colours to choose from- the Sealpoint appears to be the most popular with the public. The points can be either self coloured or tabby. The website has a full listing of SACC Siamese & Oriental Breeders.

Beautiful Siamese babies bred by Aimee Hendriksz, owner of Bell-Aimee Cattery in KZN. Photo courtesy of Bronwyn McKeown.

Orientals have all the same attributes as Siamese except for the fact that they are not pointed cats and their eye colour is dependent upon their coat colour. They also come in a full range of colours and patterns- self colour, patched with white, tabby and shaded (smoke). Orientals are very striking and dramatic looking.

There are self coloured, patched and pointed Bicolour in this litter of Oriental kittens bred by Aimee Hendriksz of KZN. Photo courtesy of Bronwyn McKeown.

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