Breeder of the Year Rules


(October 2004)


This competition is open to all SACC registered breeders.  Breeders will obtain points for all cats bred by them that obtain titles during the show year.



  • All registered SACC breeders will automatically be part of the competition.

  • The annual breeding fees for a breeder should be paid up for the specific show year.

  • A breeder will gain the following points for cats they bred and that changed status during a specific show year at a SACC show:

- 1 point for a Champion/Premier

- 3 points for a Grand

- 4 points for a Supreme

  • Points are cumulative for each cat.

  • Cats gaining points do not have to belong to the breeder.

  • The breeder with the highest score will be THE SACC BREEDER OF THE YEAR.

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