Direct payments

Payment by direct deposit can be made into our bank account.

S. A. Cat Register,
Nedbank, Randburg Branch
Branch code: 198405

Account number: 1922029645

Please enclose a copy of your deposit slip or Internet -payment advice with your documentation
Please send or fax a copy of the deposit slip as proof of payment.
Fax number: 086 616 8294



Breed Standards


Standard of Points

Descriptions and rules pertaining to colour descriptions and distinction between breeds are available.

Click on the headings below to download the relevant documents.

Preliminary accepted breeds

British Longhair (uploaded March 2010)

Egyptian Mau (uploaded March 2010)

American Wirehair (uploaded March 2010)

FOREIGN BREEDS - excluding preliminary accepted breeds     

Abyssinian (uploaded January 2011)

American Curl (uploaded February 2012)

American Shorthair (uploaded February 2018)

Asian (uploaded February 2016)

Bengal (uploaded March 2010)

Asian Bombay (uploaded March 2014)

British (uploaded March 2010)

Burmese (uploaded March 2014)

Burmilla (uploaded March 2014)

Cornish Rex (uploaded May 2013)

Cymric (uploaded March 2010)

Devon Rex (uploaded March 2010)

Don Sphynx (updated 2014)

Highland Fold (uploaded January 2011)

Japanese Bobtail (uploaded March 2010)

Korat (uploaded March 2010)

LaPerm (uploaded March 2014)

Manx (uploaded March 2010)

Munchkin (uploaded March 2010)

Peterbald (updated 2016)

Russian (updated 2016)

Scottish Fold(uploaded January 2011)

Selkirk Rex (uploaded May 2013)

Singapura (uploaded March 2010)

Somali(uploaded January 2011)

Sphynx (uploaded March 2010)

Tiffanie (uploaded March 2010)

Tonkinese (uploaded March 2010)



Official Suspension List


Reasons for possible suspension from SACC:

*(Please note that this list is non-exhaustive)

  • Not adhering to the SACC Breeder Code of Good Practice

  • Breach of the SACC Registration rules

  • Fraudulent pedigrees

  • General, unbecoming conduct of Members & Breeders

  • Breach of the SACC Show rules

    *Last Updated: March 2020

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