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    The operation of the affairs of SACC shall be carried out by the office of the SOUTH AFRICAN CAT REGISTER

Johan van Rooyen

Registrar and Office Manager

Johan's initial posting in 2000 was that of Assistant Registrar at the SACC Office in Randburg.

Johan became Registrar and Office Manager in 2003 following the Governing Council decision to relocate the office to Kensington. 

He is an integral part of SACC and an essential asset to the membership and management of the organisation.


 Johan and his partner established  Zion Cattery and successfully bred award winning, quality Burmese Cats from both local and imported lines.

As well as being passionate about SACC, Johan is also involved in  South African theatre. He founded and owns PATO Productions (Performing Artists Theatre Organisation) and continues to produce and direct stage productions for the company.

OFFICE HOURS                                                                             Monday to Friday

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FAX                                                                                                  0860-616-8294

POSTAL ADDRESS                                                                        PO BOX 287, Oudtshoorn, Western Cape. 6620


Communication Updates

Registration Forms

Dear SACC Cattery Owners and Members


Wishing you all a prosperous 2021!


Cattery renewals are due for 2021! Please complete the SACC annual renewal form and submit with your payment. To be a SACC Member or to register/ renew a SACC cattery you need to join or renew membership with one of the SACC affiliated Cat clubs for 2021. (This is a pre-requisite for the approval of your cattery renewal/ application and for all registrations.


If paid already, please complete and forward the annual renewal form.


The following subject updated forms are available to download from our website.


·        SACC Fee Structure & Document Index (SACR D2)

·        Annual Cattery Renewal form (SACR F2b)*

* (Please indicate if your Cattery is still active AND when last you registered a litter with SACC.


All application forms and Affiliated Cat Club Membership forms are available on the SACC web site:

 Kind regards

Johan van Rooyen (dated 3 February 2021)


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