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This article was compiled by Mrs Bubbles Masters who has been a member of the Eastern Province Cat Club soon after it started way back in 1963.


Unfortunately Bubbles died in 2002 at the age of 87 after a lifetime of devotion to the Eastern Province Cat Fancy.


In 1963 Mr and Mrs Nash placed an Advertisement in the EP Herald, asking owners of cats to attend a meeting at the Humewood Hotel as they were eager to start a Cat Club. Some of the founder members were Mrs Avice Henderson, still showing her beautifull Burmese, Mr and Mrs Reucastle, Mrs E. Hough, Rev Cooke, Mrs Zucolla (Simons), Mrs I.M.Bowden, Mrs D. Townsend, Mrs G.Rive.

Mrs D. Townsend was elected Chairman and Show Manager.


The first non Championship Show was in the Humerail Hall on the 4th May 1964 with 61 cats entered. The trophies that had been donated were allocated at the Show for the first time. The attraction at this show was a 9 month old Polecat by the name of “STINKER” exhibited by the Snake Park.


The First Championship Show was held at the same venue. Mrs D. Townsend was again the Show Manager. Visiting cats were flown in by Vicount Aircraft as the Boeings had no pressurised holds. By this time 35 trophies had been awarded to the club. The judges were Mr John Oliver (Johannesburg) Mrs Linda Emery (Johannesburg), Mrs S. Phillips (Cape Town) and Mrs Margery Simpson (CT)

People became more interested in the Feline Species. The number of registered cats increased remarkably as people started to import cats. Mrs Henderson imported the first Blue Burmese. Registered cats increased from 40 to 80 cats in one year.


The Membership Fees were as follows:


15 Pounds - Life Membership

2 Pounds – Full Membership

1 Pound- Country Membership

5 Shillings – Junior Membership


Committee Members for the year 1969 were:


Mrs A. Henderson (CH), Mrs G. Zuccollo (Vice), Mrs Y. Mc Farlane (Secretary)

Rev C.B. Cooke, Mrs R.K Townsend, Mr& Mrs Reucastle, Mrs R Percival, Mrs E. Tarleton with the Newsletter Editor being Rev Cooke & Mrs Townsend.




Under the auspices of the E.P. Cat Club, the show (Exhibition) was held in the Garlicks Department Store in Main Street P.E. on the 10th December 1968.


Beau Ideal Malmesbur Cassius No 40, owned by Mrs M Schoeman, came second in his class, a long hair blue male, who fathered most of the blue Persians in Port Elizabeth.




This event was held at the Humerail Hall on the 7th June 1969 under the auspices of Mrs Avis Henderson. 3 Championships were awarded. Judges were Mrs M Simpson, Mrs A. Bac, and Mrs Edith Sealy from Cape Town and Johannesburg. There were 134 cats on show. The early Championship cat shows attracted entries from all over the country as the Clubs usually only had one or two shows annually. Competition was keen in order to obtain Challenge Certificates. Each show was like a family reunion with Exhibitors catching up on the latest “Cat” News.


From then on the Club has seen many changes – in the type of cats and also the Members and Venues, but it is now 1999 and we are still going strong and looking forward to an exciting year this year after 36 years.




1. This is our 50th show since 1963. We’ve grown from a one ring minority show to the only club now that is regularly hosting 4 and 6 ring shows. We are also pleased to be making new friends at every show as more and more out-o- towners are coming to show here. The new people at this show are Jenny Kavarana from CT, Russell & Colin from Kalbaskraal and Quintin and Natasha from Bloemfontein. We also want to extend a warm welcome to our old friends. We have also been able to host a number of International judges at our shows. Today we are happy to have Faye Rose from NZ and a new resident Alan Edwards a judge of vast international experience.


2. On the subject of judges our local panel is proud that they have been able to graduate Brenda Worraker and Sean Gaylard as Siamese judges and Dina Freitas who is busy qualifying as a Foreign judge and hopes that she will soon be an all Breed judge. Sean and Brenda will be writing their Persian exams in the near future. Our independent judges panel has grown from 2 to 8 and our judges have had international recognition in being invited to judge overseas.


3. Governing Council has given us the opportunity to host COTY for the first time on 23 July. Everybody in the Eastern Province Cat Club is very excited and hopes to make it a fun exciting event for everyone. We also pleased to announce that we have 3 international judges for the event. One from France, one from Belgium and one from Australia.


4. We would like to do a bit of boasting about our recent achievements since COTY is gone regional.


In 2001 a local cat, Karnaki Kemal owned by Rita Wiseman, won Cat of the Year and we have cats coming 3rd, 4th, 6th and 9th at other Cat Of the Years. Other achievements for members are winning Siamese Breeders group Best breeders in 2002 & 2003. Local cats have also won Best Brood Queen in the breeders group, best male, best female, best kitten all in one year and have won these categories in other years.


Since its inception 2 years ago PE cats have won SACC Brood queen of the year, Stud of the year and have had runner up brood queen twice. We are especially proud to announce that a PE cattery was the SACC Cattery of the year last year. We also welcome the runner up cattery of the year last year who are visiting us to exhibit.



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