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Linking of Cattery website
R 50.00
** Listing of an additional breed on the SACC website. To be renewed annually
Copy of Registration or Transfer document
R 20.00
Application for SACC Merit Club Membership
Application for Multiple Supreme Title Certificates
Application for Title Certificate
R 20.00
Application for D.M. Status
Addition of new breeder suffix (only on transfer from one authorised SACC Breeder to another) – in addition to the transfer fee
R 25.00
Transfer of ownership per cat / kitten
R 45.00
Registration per Domestic cat or kitten 'over' 15 weeks of age
R 50.00 per kitten
Registration per Domestic cat or kitten 'under' 15 weeks of age
R 25.00 per kitten
Reclassification Application
Registration of a cat registered with another S.A. Association
Registration of a imported cat
Pedigree form created by Registrar.
R 25.00 per pedigree
Pedigree per cat or kitten (E-mailed to the SACR) for printing & processing) – in addition to the registration fee
R 25.00-colour R 15.00- B&W per pedigree
Registration per cat or kitten 'over' 15 weeks of age
R 90.00 per kitten
Registration per cat or kitten 'under' 15 weeks of age
R 45.00 per kitten
Annual membership fee for non SACC Breeders / exhibitors – showing non SACC (original) registered Cats.
Re-activation fee for Annual renewals received after 31 March
Annual renewal of cattery registration (Annual Breeder fee). Payable before 1 January, (includes free posting of contact information & main Breed on the SACC webpage - breeder index*
SACC Breeder Code of Good Practice
Initial registration of a cattery
Application for certification of entirety
Registration of a domestic stud
Mating certificate
Registration of a stud

Only original copies will be accepted!
Payment for any service required may be made by direct deposit. Banking details are as follows:

S. A. Cat Register

 Nedbank, Randburg Branch

 Branch code: 198405

Account number: 1922029645

Please enclose a copy of your deposit slip or Internet -payment advice with your documentation.
*NOTE: Only on transfer from one authorised breeder to another, and in addition to transfer fee.

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