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Registration Rules

The rules pertaining to the registration of one cat, one kitten or one litter of kittens, may be downloaded. (225kb)

An extract from the general information follows below.


Office hours: The office of the Registrar is open from 09h00 to 13h00, Mondays to Fridays.  Postal Address: P O Box 287, Oudtshoorn, Western Cape.


  • A copy of the Constitution of the South African Cat Register is in the possession of the secretary of each member of the Associated Cat Clubs of South Africa, and can be consulted by arrangement.

  • A list of breed numbers is available on request from the Registrar and payment of a fee.

  • A schedule of fees is available on request from the Registrar.

  • Kindly ensure that your computer codes are used where indicated on all forms. This ensures speedy completion of documentation.

  • It would be appreciated by the SACR if breeders could enclose a suitable stamped, self-addressed envelope with their applications to register, particularly if a non-standard reply envelope is required.

  • Payment for any service required may be made by direct deposit. 


Banking details are as follows:

S A Cat Register
Nedbank, Ferndale Branch
Branch code: 192205
Account number: 1922 029 645

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