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Western Province Cat Club



Western Province Cat Club (WPCC) has the distinction of being the oldest cat club in South Africa, beating two others to the gun by a mere few months. The Club was founded on 27 February 1948 and since day one went from strength to strength. It was the only cat club in Cape Town until the early seventies, when the All Breeds Cat Club made its debut.

The Club has a large, stable membership base with new exhibitors joining the ranks annually. WPCC is also in the fortunate position to have a large, stable committee serving the interests of our members. The Club is one of the few in the country who still issue regular newsletters to its members at a frequency of at least two per annum.

Cape Top Cat


The Cape Top Cat (CTC) competition was started in 1999 in response to requests from exhibitors for a big event at the end of the Cape Town show season. The success of the first show resulted in an annual event, with the title of Cape Top Cat soon becoming highly sought after and very prestigious.

The first CTC committee comprised of members of both the Western Province Cat Club (WPCC) and All Breeds Cat Club (ABCC) committees. Due to the event’s growing stature, the committee became an independent body in 2008. The two Cape Town Clubs (WPCC and ABCC) alternate the responsibility for the show annually, but it is essentially a joint event, clearly demonstrating how well cat people can work together!

For logistical reasons CTC is no longer a separate gala, but part of a three-way event: The final cat show of the year during the morning; a combined WPCC/ABCC annual prize-giving directly after the show; followed by the CTC judging, award ceremony and cocktail function for exhibitors. The new format is adding additional excitement to the very last show of the season, with the final qualifiers only announced on the day.

Social Responsibility


The members of the Western Province Cat Club recognise the need to reach out to less fortunate and neglected cats in our communities. The Club has a close relationship with PLUMPETS and TEARS, two of the well-known rescue organisations in Cape Town, and generously donates to both of them. The Club’s healthy finances recently enabled us to assist PLUMPETS after a devastating fire destroyed the buildings on their premises.  TEARS regularly brings rescue cats in need of a loving home to our scheduled shows and many a kitten or adult cat has found a forever home as a result of these displays.




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