The World Cat Congress does not support the new development of breeds based on mutations or characteristics that have a negative effect on the welfare of the cat.




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SACC Management hopes that members and site visitors remain safe and healthy  during 2021 
Please be advised that due to The South African Government's Covid 19 Rules and Regulations all Cat Shows have been cancelled or postponed until further notice. Level 3 restrictions in place until 15 January.


The SACC exists primarily to assist cat breeders and stakeholders in SACC by providing relevant, up-to-date information about SACC and pedigreed cats, focusing on topics related to:

  • pedigreed cats,

  • cat shows,

  • administration, and

  • the organized cat fancy at large.


As the central internet hub for all things SACC, this site strives to provide important news relevant to the SACC, cat breeds and the organized cat fancy, both local and international.


It also has a secondary purpose to portray SACC to the international cat community and the general cat-lover public at large, and those who want to know more about the organized cat fancy in South Africa and pedigreed cats in general.


The Southern Africa Cat Council's objectives include:

  • Administering the registration of pedigrees of cats and kittens

  • Promulgating the rules of the management of cat shows

  • Promoting the interest of breeders and exhibitors of cats

  • Ensuring the efficient co-existence of its Councils and offices

  • Promulgating rules, regulations and codes of ethics

  • Laying down standards for all Breeds in conjunction with Member Clubs, the Breed Council and the SA Council of Cat Judges

  • Promoting a knowledge of Cats and Breed Standards by investigating or to assist in investigations to ensure that the breeding of cats and the showing of cats are according to the highest standards

  • Training or to assist in training of persons for the breeding, judging, show management and stewarding of cats


Central Office :P O Box 287

 Oudtshoorn, Western Cape. 6620

Tel: 011 616 7017

Fax: 086 616 8294


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