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Dear SACC Members,


In March 2020 we communicated, and advised that cat shows for the months of March and April were postponed.  By now, you will have seen the notifications by various cat clubs that they too, have postponed or cancelled their shows scheduled for May.


GC, together with the clubs, show managers and sponsors of the various shows, have agreed that all shows will be cancelled until end July 2020.  This, unfortunately, also means that we will not have our annual SACC showcase event, COTY, which was scheduled for 25 July 2020. 


GC has agreed that all shows that have been cancelled between March and July this 2020 show season will, as far as possible, be transferred to the show calendar for the 2021 season (where permitting, as close as possible to the show dates set for this year).  This includes COTY.  At this stage, we cannot speculate as to whether or not the COTY points accumulated thus far for this season will be carried forward to the 2021 year. 


Provisionally, the shows scheduled for August and September remain, including the Pet Expo, which is due to be held in November 2020.


The easing of the lockdown is expected to commence from 1 May, however it is highly probable that the easing will mean something different for all of us.  This is especially relevant to those of us that live in high density areas, where most of our shows take place.


In due course, GC will confirm whether the shows scheduled for the second half of 2020 will go ahead or not.  However, this confirmation can only be provided around end June, once the impact of the eased lockdown has been assessed by the authorities.


In the meantime, I trust that you are all staying well and doing your best in these very trying and uncertain times, and making the best of this time to breed our future show winners.


Kind regards,



The Winter 2020 Newsletter has been uploaded. 


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