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Russian Cat Interest Group Of South Africa

It is of utmost importance that the Russian stays a true pedigreed breed without becoming bastardised at the hands of BYB or irresponsible breeding.  Our breeders also stand firm against contributing to an already overwhelming problem of unwanted kittens and cats in South Africa.

Russian kittens remain with their mothers and siblings until the age of at least 12 and 14 weeks, sometimes a little longer.  No Russian kitten is permitted to be re-homed sooner nor is it permitted to be re-homed unaltered.  From time to time our breeders do select a good female or male kitten from their breeding to contribute to a specific line, look, temperament or to improve the breed for future generations.

Improving the breed is an on-going challenge.


The idea behind this group started a few years ago and came to fruition in October 2012, with the acceptance by the Southern Africa Cat Council as an official breed group.  The Russian Cat Interest Group of South Africa (RCIG) abides by SACC rules.

Our Mission is to educate you, the general public and protect this original, incredibly beautiful and very old breed.  There are many misconceptions in regards to the Russian Blue and without educating yourself you could fall victim to un-ethical back yard breeders (BYB) or scammers.  Please read our article on the page “Pedigree Russian vs. BYB to inform yourself as a potential purchaser before you even consider any purchase of a kitten.

This group is here to encourage and help new Russian cat owners, whether a pet or show home.  A Russian is an incredibly special breed, with a very long history in the cat fancy, but are still rather rare in South Africa and sadly not many find their way into the show halls.  If you have been approved as a kitten owner by one of the breeders, PLEASE, please, consider sharing your beautiful baby with others and join us on the show!!  

Our Russian Breeders will strive to preserve the Russian in South Africa, to the best of their ability, breed genetically sound, strong, hearty and healthy kittens at all times and continually improve on the breed.  Ethical breeding practices are taken very seriously by all Russian Breeders, as one of our most important missions, is not to contribute to unwanted kittens and cats in South Africa.


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