The SACC Breed Council and Breed Groups serve as advisory bodies on breed standards to the Governing Council and serve a broad educational purpose. Opinions and proposals regarding Breed Standards are channeled to the Governing Council through the Breed Council. 

The Breed Council Secretary oversees the daily running of the Council. This portfolio includes the  encouragement of communication not only with the Secretary but also among the members of the Breed Groups, attending to any proposals or recommendations from members as may occur from time to time, as well as preparing breed ballots for the Governing Council AGM. 

The position is also responsible for the updating, amending and printing of the Standard of Points.

Ingrid de Wet is the current Breed Council Secretary. Ingrid is an All Breeds Judge and Senior Judge Tutor. She is also a Persian & Exotic Breeder who specialises in Colourpointed cats. Ingrid has sound feline genetic knowledge and is a great asset to SACC's Breed Council.

SACC Breed Council allows for two types of affiliated members.

Members of any Breed Group dedicated to a specific breed and Individual Breed Council voting membership.

Breed Council updates
Note Well; SACC has included a description of the Blotched Tabby in the Colour and Pattern Document. A Blotched Tabby has  the same Code as a Classic Tabby (Tc) and will be shown in the same category; the term Blotched Tabby is used in most Cat Fancies worldwide.
British Longhair Preliminary SOP 2020 has been uploaded to the Standard of Points Page.

SACC is very proud to have Breed Groups- some of our groups hold championship cat shows under the auspices of SACC Member Club. These groups are a good means of communication for Breeders countrywide as well as being a forum for mentoring new potential breeders/owners. Breed Groups may submit proposals concerning their own Breed Standard/s to

the Breed Council Secretary, Ingrid de Wet, who in turn will offer any necessary advice before submitting the proposals, in

Ballot Form, to SACC’s Governing Council AGM for voting purposes. All breeders of a particular breed are entitled to vote provided they meet the criteria as laid down in the SACC Breed Group Rules.

Breeders Of Rex & 

Sphynx Breed Group

Active Breeds

Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Don Sphynx. La Perm, Selkirk Rex, Sphynx.        

Inactive Breeds

Peterbald, American Wirehair.

Specific Portfolios

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