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To be listed in this section, please contact the Registrar . In your mail kindly provide your registration details as well as the information you wish to have published here.


Click here for Breed Standards and the Official Suspension List.

SACC is very proud to have Breed Groups- some of our groups hold championship cat shows under the auspices of SACC Member Club. These groups are a good means of communication for Breeders countrywide as well as being a forum for mentoring new potential breeders/owners. Breed Groups may submit proposals concerning their own Breed Standard/s to the Breed Council Secretary, Ingrid de Wet, who in turn will offer any necessary advice before submitting the proposals, in Ballot Form, to SACC’s Governing Council AGM for voting purposes. All breeders of a particular breed are entitled to vote provided they meet the criteria as laid down in the SACC Breed Group Rules.

Breeders Of Rex & 

Sphynx Breed Group

Active Breeds

Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Don Sphynx. La Perm, Selkirk Rex, Sphynx.        

Inactive Breeds

Peterbald, American Wirehair.



Adrienne Swart

082 405 5437


Landie Copperthwaite

082 699 1077


Talita Geyser/Gerhard Engelbrecht

076 412 3560/083 452 9783


Gill Burman

076 170 0704



Grant Leih

084 584 8922



Wendy & Kellyanne Welham

053 831 4874/ 083 633 3344


Exotic Breeders


LaPerm Breeders


Maine Coon Breeders


Munchkin Breeders


Selkirk Rex Breeders


Siamese Breeders


Siberian Breeders


Somali Breeders


Sphynx Breeders


Tonkinese Breeders


Turkish Van Breeders