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Northern Cape / Free State

Cat Club

The Northern Cape / Free State Cat Club is affiliated with SACC and is situated in Kimberley in the Northern Cape. The club membership is open to all cat lovers from all over South Africa. You do not have to own a pedigree cat to be a member of any cat club. You just need to love cats and be interested in anything cat-related. We also hold championship shows annually. Each year 7 cats from our region qualify at our shows to attend the Cat of the Year show (COTY) : 2 Household pets (unregistered cat), 1 kitten (pedigreed kitten), 2 Entires (breeding pedigreed cats) and 2 Neuters (sterilized pedigreed cats) from the Northern Cape/Free State region take part in this prestigious event as our club's representatives annually.

Our objectives

To promote interest in, and knowledge of, cats;
To hold shows, and encourage the breeding of cats to the highest standard;
To advance in every way possible the interest of breeders, exhibitors and the Club members;
To encourage pet owners to sterilize and inoculate their pet cats;
To run the Club as a non-profit making organization and to devote any surplus realized by the club to further the objectives of the Club;

To encourage donations, whenever possible, to a charitable organization devoted to the welfare of cats;
To co-operate with, affiliate with or join any society, body or association, whether provincial, national or international, having objectives wholly or in part similar to those of this club;
To co-operate with societies, veterinarians and individuals in a trap, sterilize and release programs of feral cat colonies

NC/FS Cat Club Contact Details


Email:  or Secretary Carol Kotze 


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