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2020 Shows are coming.

2020 Cat Shows start Saturday 29 February when Rand Cat Club presents a 3 Ring Show at the Oewerpark Entertainment Venue, 40 Edel Eta Road, Bashewa AH, Pretoria East. The show starts at 9.00am and concludes with the Best in Show at 3.00pm. Show Manager, Jan van Rooyen, will be happy to welcome visitors. So come along and see many beautiful cat breeds, including the "ballerina" Turkish Angora.

A litter of Turkish Angora babies bred by Nicolene Voget.

Nicolene Voget of Delice Cattery has worked hard with this breed and along with Ingrid de Wet, the SACC Judges and the SACC Registrar is hoping that the Turkish Angora will become recognised as an accepted breed for championship status within SACC. This kind of determination and teamwork is part of what makes SACC respected internationally as a South African Cat Organisation. Good luck and remember that the SACC family is 100% behind you!

A delightful blue eyed Turkish Angora. Thanks for the photos Nicolene.

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