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Are they on Santa's Naughty or Nice List?

The Norwegian Forest Cat has medium length hair, a triangular head shape, alert expressive oval shaped eyes and large ears with lynx tufts. The kittens always look angelic but like all feline babies I'm sure they can be extremely active and mischievious at times. Why not ask Beverly Smullen of Crescendo Cattery who provided the photos for this episode!

The very angelic Giselle, Fidelio, Coppelia and Don Giovanni of Crescendo. Photo courtesy of Jenni Ferreira.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is no lightweight- these cats have a long, robust and muscular body and can be quite large in size. Consult the Breeder's List on this website for all the SACC Breeders of "Wegies".

Crescendo Chewbacca and Crescendo Yoda showing off their lovely lynx tufts. Don't know what happened to Breeder Beverly Smullen- Star Wars themed babies instead of musical names! Photo courtesy of Jenni Ferreira.

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