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The Colourpoint Persian (Himalayan in the USA) and the Colourpoint Exotic Shorthair have the sweet, open face and cobby body of the Persian and the pale body colour with darker legs, ears, tail and mask which is found in all Siamese cats plus, lets not forget, the hypnotic blue eyes which make them look like fluffy feline angels.

Blue Colourpoint Persian Showstoppers. Image courtesy of Ingrid de Wet.

Like all pointed cats, Colourpoints are generally born white - the coat and point colour changes with age. The point palette consists of both dominant and recessive colours: Seal, Blue, Red, Cream, Lilac, Chocolate to name a few plus the tortoiseshell variants plus the tabby variants plus the shaded variants- quite an extensive list and maybe one day we will see a Golden Shaded Colourpoint Persian in South Africa. Now that would be stunning!

Precious Incatique Cattery babies. Images courtesy of Ingrid de Wet.

Colourpoint Persians and Exotics have graced our show benches for many years and when you have been around as long as I have you can appreciate the incredibly hard work and devastating heartache that the Breeders of these amazingly beautiful cats have gone through while striving for perfection in overall type, eye colour and coat length and texture. Proof of this SACC's 2017 Cat of the Year was a Red Colourpoint!

Beautiful, kissable faces from Incatique Cattery. Images courtesy of Ingrid de Wet.

One such Breeder is Ingrid de Wet, owner of Incatique Cattery, in Gauteng. She is a cat genetic fundi and has worked diligently with her breed and as the images in this blog can attest she has achieved the wonderful Persian/Exotic look loved by so many Persian cat fanatics and the clearly defined point colour and blue eyes loved by so many Siamese cat enthusiasts.

In fact the best of both feline worlds in precious bundles of purring pleasure!

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