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Cat Breeders are a unique group of people. They are passionate and knowledgeable about their chosen breed. With this passion and knowledge comes hard work, heartache, sleepless nights, vet bills, food bills and anything else which is essential to make sure that their cats are happy and healthy and their kittens are well socialized and healthy. All of this comes at a cost! There are no cheap pedigree kittens. If you think you have found a "bargain kitten" you have been scammed! Responsible Breeders advocate ENS (early neutering and spaying), which means the kitten you purchase has already been desexed. Visit any of the following Face book pages and speak to Breeders and owners of legitimate pedigree cats:

SA Cats Registered All Breeds

All Breed Cats Supreme Group South Africa

SA Cat Show Calendar

Southern African Cat Council Group.

A Birman from Karnaki Cattery in Gauteng which is owned by Karen Pepler.

Scammers are clever, convincing and will tell you that their kittens are registered with SACC/CFSA/CASA - do not part with one cent of your hard earned cash until you check Breeder's listings on websites or, even better advice, check with the Registrars of South Africa's 3 Cat Associations.

Scammers will also show you photos of their "cats and kittens". Do your homework and search websites and face book pages and you will probably find the same "cat and kitten" photos belong to a bona fide Registered Breeder.

Silverpaws Chinchilla Persian and Maine Coon Cattery in KZN. Owned by Fathima Hoosen.

The images shown in this blog are courtesy of the owners. Birman photo courtesy of photographer Theresa Fouche.

Scammers will take your money but a kitten will never appear. Back yard breeders on the other hand will let you have a kitten at a cheaper price "without papers". Please do not be tempted- these kittens have pedigree parents whose pedigrees are usually endorsed "not to be bred from" but back yard breeders over breed the cats and do not give adequate health checks, vaccinations or proper nutrition.

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