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The Bengal belongs to the Foreign Group of pedigree cats. It is an alert cat with a dependable temperament, in other words friendly and affectionate.

The colour palette is brown, sepia/mink or snow (blue eyed) and the pattern either marble or leopard spotted. The pattern and the coat are amazing in this breed.

A leopard spotted cat on a leopard spotted blanket! Thanks Lilian Van As of Glimmermere Cattery.

There are people out there who acquire breeder's images for their own "advertising platform" to sell a kitten to you which you will never get- and they will keep on adding other essentials to the price- such as a heated carrier or exorbitant transport costs! Please do your homework before opening your wallet.

Our breeders are trying very hard to derail the scam artists, There are Face Book pages where you can "talk" to breeders about anything you consider to be fishy. 2 SACC Breeders have really applied themselves to the task of reporting and "shutting down" scammers. Please contact Jade Malynn( or Jane Goble ( if you suspect you may be the victim of a scam or if you find a suspicious advert. The ladies are there to help.

Marble pattern at it's best! Thanks Paola Vignani of Bloupuntbengals.

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