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CAT OF THE YEAR 2019 - DAY EVENT Saturday 27th August

SACC's 2019 COTY took place in Cape Town. The day event was at the Italian Club in Milnerton. The opening was spectacular- WCC flag was carried by the Honorary Secretary, Penny Bydlinski and the SACC flag by President Ngaio Crawley, this was followed by individual country flags and Judges.

Penny Bydlinski, Honorary Secretary of WCC.

Ngaio Crawley, SACC President 2019.

Flag Bearers and Judges for COTY 2019.

The Entire Cats and Domestic pets were judged by Judges from CFA, TICA, FIFe, CCCA, WCF and SACC and the Neuters and Kittens were judged by Judges from CFA, GCCF, NZCF, FIFe, ACF and SACC. Following judging Exhibitors, Judges and Cats went home for a short rest before the Evening Function.

I am so over this now- time for tuna (I hope) and bed!

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