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The show season has been fast and furious and is finally reaching the home stretch- the COTY 2023 checkered flag is in view!

There are only 3 more shows until cut off date for COTY qualifiers to be finalised. The outstanding shows will be hosted by the Western Province Cat Club in the Cape (27 May), the Eastern Cape Cat Club in Gqeberha (10 June) and the Northern Cape/Free State Cat Club in Kimberley (3 June).

Purrbridge Dash Dash Dashing- exotic Tabby Bicolour winner of the PCS B2B Shows.

The lovely "Dash" above is proudly owned by Rosy Phillpotts and was bred by 2022 Breeders of the Year and Owners of 2022 Cat of the Year, Rindi and Clint Fourie of Purrbridge Cattery.

Both PCS B2B Pet winners are proudly owned by Renate Haussmann of Cats Cradle Sanctuary near Port Shepstone, KZN.

Basil, a Mackerel Tabby, and Bern, a Black Calico, are regulars at the PCS shows - they are loving and really enjoy public adoration.

Shortly after the Provincial Cat Society B2B Shows it was the turn of Cat Fanciers Club in Gauteng. As usual the show was managed by Ingrid de Wet and was well attended by lots of different cat breeds as well as interested public spectators.

Cat of the Day Tintagel Queen's Gambit is proudly owned by Ingrid de Wet.

A beautiful male Red Tabby Pointed Persian took top honours at the CFC Show. "Gambit" has lovely blue eyes and was bred by Dr Ros Chapman of Tintagel Cattery and is owned by Ingrid de Wet of Incatique Cattery- both catteries are in Gauteng.

Pet of the Day, Sapphire, is a uniquely patterned tabby tortie cat called a Chimera.

It was definitely a blue eyed day! "Sapphire" is very proudly owned by Lashan and Sher Moodley Singh who have very recently become parents to twins- a girl and a boy.

The above is for Lashan and Sher- wishing them great joy as they embrace their new parenting journey.

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