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The American Curl is a striking cat with a sweet expression and distinctly shaped ears which curl back from the face in a smooth arc toward the centre of the back of the skull.

This is one of the youngest pedigree cat breeds and all started with a stray called "Shulamith" found in California, USA.

A real beauty from Silkenclaw Cattery owned by Grant Leih. Photo courtesy of Linn Currie.

Selective breeding of American Curls began in 1983 and they were first registered in 1986 in CFA and recognized in TICA in 1987. By 1993 the breed had achieved full recognition.

This friendly and gentle breed has a people loving personality and is fond of children. Play features strongly in the American Curl's make-up regardless of age!

Inside every Curl there is a kitten just waiting to pounce on or chase it's favourite toy.

For further information on this soft, silky coated breed contact Grant Leih at or visit the fb group "Curls and Twirls"

The soft and silky coat of Grant's breeding. Photo courtesy of Linn Currie.

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