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Intelligent, inquisitive and extrovert really describes the delightful, elf-like Devon Rex. This is not a dainty cat but it is lean and muscular with long slim legs. The nose is short and the head is broad and the ears....! Large and open and set low on the head- imagine Dobbie from the Harry Potter movies and books and you will get the picture!

This baby belongs to Amedeo Milo & Chritiaan Swart and is from Sanuk Cattery.

The Devon Rex has a short, close lying andsoft curled coat which requires a daily hand grooming. These affectionate, human loving cats like to be kept comfortably warm- a lap or even the top of your head could be a favourite sleeping spot!

Dina Freitas is a SACC Devon Rex Breeder- these cats are from her cattery Sanuk.

All colours and patterns can be found in the breed and the colour of the large eyes is generally in line with the coat colour- eg: pointed(siamese) Devon Rexes have blue eyes like all pointed cats. This is a very playful cat breed that seems to forget, even in advanced years, that it is not an immortal kitten!

More of Dina's beautiful Devon Rexes. All images provided by owners.

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