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What is the Exotic? A breed with all the characteristics and features of a Persian but with a short, dense and plush coat. Their large, expressive eyes are beautifully set in their sweet open face and their small ears complete the look.

This beauty is from Lynelle and Gideon van Aarde of Rock 'n Purr Cattery. Photo by T Fouche.

The exotic's body is a power house! Strong and solid with excellent bone density and well defined musculature, this short, cobby body is well supported on short well boned legs which end in the cutest, round paws. All of this is perfectly balanced by the short well furnished brush or tail.

Another of Lynelle and Gideon's beautiful cats.

Exotics come in a variety of colours and patterns including silvers, goldens and colour points. Find the list of Exotic breeders on the Breeds and Breeders Page. Special thanks to Rock 'n Purr Cattery and to Lynelle and Gideon for the use of their images. You guys ROCK!

A Rock 'n Purr baby showing a beautiful tabby pattern.

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