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Rand Cat Club held the first show of the season at Oewerpark Entertainment Centre, Bashewa. There were lots of breeds on show and of course we cannot forget, the always popular, Domestic Pets.

Jan van Rooyen and his team of hardworking cat lovers always present an enjoyable show for the exhibitors as well as the public plus there is the added bonus of lekker farm produce and wonderful coffee.

The Persian & Exotic Section is always a drawcard- people just cannot resist these beautifully presented cats. The Medium Hair Section is also very popular- people are fascinated by these large breeds, in particular the Maine Coon.

The elegance of the Siamese/Oriental Cats and variety of the many Foreign Breeds represented certainly made for a great day out for everyone. The Judges really had their work cut out for them at the Rand Cat Club Show.

The Gauteng system of collecting points for Cat of the Year is unique in that a cat may be for example Best Persian Neuter but may not feature when it comes to the Top Longhair Section (this is the Persian/ Exotics and the Medium Hairs).

The same applies to the Shorthair Section (Siamese/Oriental and Foreign Breeds)- visitors may see different cats in this winners circle! In fact all the cats were Foreign Breeds.

But, of course, it is Best in Show and Cat of the Day which every owner and breeder covets on Show Day. This Show was a total win for the Foreign Breeds and a special win for the British Longhair Breeders who have worked diligently and professionally toward achieving Championship Status for their Breed, Well done Talita and Gerhard for achieving your Cat of the Day win with the beautiful Bartholomew.

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