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The Highland Fold is the name for the long haired Scottish Fold- and it is just as cute looking! Folds can all trace their ancestry back to one single cat, Susie, who was found in a barn in Angus, Perthshire, Scotland. These cats have a natural dominant gene mutation that affects the cartilage throughout the body; the result is ears which bend forward and down toward the front of the head creating a cap like appearance and thereby exposing the round cranium- imagine a wide, round eyed owl!

This beauty is from C'est L'Amour Cattery in Gauteng, owned by Lashan & Sher Singh.

A Highland Fold should not be mated to another Fold because of the possibility of producing further cartilage issue throughout the body. Therefore outcrossing is always undertaken and SACC allows Persian, Exotic and British to be used in Fold Breeding Programs. A litter will produce offspring with mixed ear structure- some folded and some straight.

A litter of babies bred by Lashan and Sher Moodley Singh

These cats are affectionate, playful and intelligent and their coat is medium long with a full ruff, trousers and a gloriously full tail. At the 2019 COTY Extravaganza, after being judged by 5 International and 1 Local Judge, one of Lashan and Sher's girls placed 2nd Adult overall- see the really beautiful young lady in the image below.

FI* Gardenia Soft Dream of C'est L'Amour (Imp)

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