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SACC Cat of the Year 2020

In the light of the uncertainties during this time of Covid-19, social distancing and the National Lockdown,  we are aware that all shows until the end of May have been postponed or cancelled. This temporary cessation of cat shows will have an impact on the SACC Cat of the Year 2020 event.  

The COTY 2020 show committee would like to assure our SACC members and exhibitors that you will be informed of the way forward with regards to COTY 2020 once Covid-19 infections have slowed down or stopped. Once we are assured SACC events will not compromise the continued health and safety of our members, exhibitors and the public,  the COTY Show team, in consultation with the Governing Council of SACC, will inform all stake holders of the way forward with regards to  Cat of the Year 2020.

The SACC COTY 2020 Show team 

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