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It's a FIRST for the Cape

The South Africa Abyssinian and Somali Association held a show on the 25th March in Cape Town. This very active Breed Group's show was under the auspices of the Western province Cat Club and was very ably run by Adri Swart and her team. The theme was "Elton John" and the Best Decorated Cage was won by Cecil Viviers.

Sir Elton the Cat at his piano!

The talented Ursula van der Riet was there with her trusty camera to bring you all the beautiful eye candy from the show.

Vida van Dyk and CAT of the DAY "Geedee Rosalie" and Tracy Nairn with PET of the DAY "Barnaby".

The Judges were in good form and looked like they were having a great day judging the Capes wonderful feline beauties.

Such a Happy Face! Lance Wiseman enjoying his job.

Seeing this was a specific Breed Show, some images of Abyssinians and Somalis must be included.

Purrissimo Kisho of Abymoon- a beautiful Abyssinian owned by Janet Cook.

Abymoon Chatty Chatty Boom Boom- an exquisite Somali owned by Janet Cook.

All in all a great day was had by all. All images courtesy of Ursula van der Riet.

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