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The Eastern Cape Cat Club held it's first show for 2020 at the Walmer Town Hall in Port Elizabeth, gratefully sponsored by Hills. The Pedigree Best in Show line-up was pretty impressive and there were many breeds represented. 3 Burmese (all bred by Penny Steyn, owner of Pearl Cattery),1 Persian,1 Devon Rex, 3 Sphynx, 1 Oriental, 1 Siamese, 1 Bengal and 1 Maine Coon. Top honours went to Burmese Kitten, Pearl Ethereal Glimmer,owned and bred by Penny Steyn.

Pearl Ethereal Shimmer with Penny Steyn, Ingrid de Wet, Deon Scheepers, Robert Visagie and the Hill's Sponsor.

The Domestic Pet section is always well support at the ECCC shows and both the best kitten and adult have the same owners and cat rescue workers, Yvonne Roberts & Lorraine von Shanke. You ladies absolutely rock for the good work you do for stray and feral cats.

The Best Domestic Pet on Show - Cuppucino owned by Yvonne Roberts and Lorraine von Shanke.

A delighted Yvonne holding Cuppucino-seen here with Robert Visagie & the Hill's Sponsor.

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