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MARCH 18 belongs to Gqeberha

That's right everyone, on 18th March the Eastern Cape Cat Club presented a Championship Cat Show. Although this was a smallish show, it certainly wasn't lacking in beautiful, top quality cats!

Top honours in both the pedigree section and the domestic section were 2 very beautiful cats.

All SACC Clubs are autonomous and present their Best in Show differently depending on the region in which they are situated. The Eastern Cape Cat Club determines the Cat of the Day by a "judge-off" of the Top12 nominated cats regardless of breed, age or sex. A very challenging judging experience!

And super exciting for both the exhibitors and the general public. It is indeed considered a great honour to have a cat in the Top 12 plus there are those coveted Cat of the Year points to collect.

So in the the Top 12 on this day there was a Maine Coon and Abyssinians.....

Ragdoll, Burmese and Devon Rex........

Russian and another Burmese and another Devon......

And finally an Oriental, another of Debbie's Maine Coons (phew! this lady can breed lovely cats) and a very young Exotic bred by 2022's Top Breeders and owners of the 2022 Cat of the Year, the lovely Rindi and Clint Fourie of Gauteng.

All in all a great day in Gqeberha, formerly known as Port Elizabeth. Well done everyone!

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