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One week until the crowning of COTY 2023

So we have reached the final stretch and very shortly SACC will crown the Cat of the Year for 2023.

Rand Cat Club and the COTY Team are finalising the details for this prestigious event, which will take place on 29th July. Judging during the day will be done by 6 Judges: Gauteng judges Panel: Ingrid de Wet & Ros Chapman

Cape Judges Panel: Paul Prime

East Coast KZN Judges Panel: Gail Nel, Jane Goble & Ngaio Crawley.

Cat of the Year is the highest scoring cat from the Neuter and Entire Sections.

Winners: 2009 Entire, 2010 Neuter, 2011 Neuter, 2012 the Neuter and the Entire had exactly the same points!

Kittens and Domestic pets have their own competitions for Kitten of the Year and Pet of the Year.

Winners: 2013 Entire, 2014 Neuter, 2015 Entire, 2016 Neuter, 2017 Entire.

The excitement is growing for owners and Breeders of the 60 beautiful cats that are representing their provinces this year. Neuter or Entire? The result is in the hands of the 6 Judges!

Winners: 2018 Entire, 2019, Neuter, 2020/2021-COVID, 2022 Entire.

We wish all qualifiers the best of luck for next Saturday- may the best cat win!

Entire and Neuter Breeds which have qualified.

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