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Is there anything more dramatic and sensual looking than a Black or a Blue or a Tabby or in fact any colour or patterned Oriental!

Truly the "racehorse" of the cat world- these elegant, slender, muscular and intelligent cats with their green eyes would grace any home with their presence.

Orientals bred and owned by Charlotte vd Riet. 2 Brown Spotted Tabbies flanking a Havana. Photos courtesy of Ursula vd Riet.

Orientals are people cats- they love attention and are very protective of both their humans and their territory but they are social with many other cat breeds. They are somewhat demanding and very talkative.

Orientals bred by Charlotte but owned by Ruchan Fourie, Charlene du Toit and Lucy Arends Wagner. Photos courtesy of Theresa Fouche.

In general Orientals have green eyes but there are a few exceptions. The Oriental Pointed Bicolour has blue eyes; the White Oriental can have green, blue or odd coloured eyes (1 green & 1 blue)- all depends what colour/pattern is being masked by the white. Bicolour Orientals have also been known to have odd coloured eyes.

Special thanks to Charlotte for sharing her cats with us.

Why not visit Charlotte's website to see more of her beautiful cats

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