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Although SACC is primarily a Cat Registering Body for pedigree breeds, it also has a huge domestic cat and rescue cat following. Many of our members are extremely special individuals who find abandoned, feral or mistreated kittens and cats and nurture them not only back to health but also, through kindness and gentleness, show them that humans are really good people at heart.

A Karen Beyer rescue- healthy and full of vitality.

Karen Beyers of Gauteng has been a cat rescuer for many years. Karen is always at cat shows with her beautiful domestic pets and she is a constant winner, which is testament to her how well she nurtures and socialises the cats she rescues.

Another of Karen's rescue cats- look at those happy eyes!

This year due to the lack of physical cat shows, Karen has cyber travelled and entered many Virtual Cat Shows both in South Africa and Internationally. She has done extremely well with TICA, the London Virtual Cat Show, 21s Got Talent and the PCS Virtual Cat Show. Well done Karen! All the images are courtesy of Karen and feature her rescue cats.

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