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The amazing Siberian Cat is said to be hypo-allergenic which is a huge plus if you or your family would like to own one of these large, robust and strong cats. They have a waterproof medium hair coat and come in a variety of colours and patterns including a pointed variety known as a Neva Masquerade in some Cat Fancies.

These beauties are from Artekatz Cattery, owned by Cherylee Powell Krantz. Photo courtesy of owner.

Originally from Russia and also thought to be the National Cat of Russia, Siberians have been around for centuries although they are a fairly recent addition to the "pedigree cat breeding" ranks compared to other breeds. Affectionate, intelligent family orientated cats that have been known to involve their human in a game of fetch!

Another stunning litter from Artekatz Cattery. Thanks for the images Cherylee.

So if you are interested in being owned by a Siberian visit the Breeders Page of this website for a list of SACC Siberian Breeders.

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