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Western Province Cat Club is hosting a 4 Ring Championship on Saturday 21st May, Show Manager Adri Swart is ready and eager to welcome exhibitors, families and friends. The cats are being groomed, nails are being clipped and the nerves have started- human nerves, of course!

A huge draw card for the public is the large amount of Maine Coons that are entered for Cape cat shows. The majority of SACC Breeders are from the Cape and surrounds, so there is plenty of eye candy for all to drool over.

What a beauty! A Silver Tabby Maine Coon photographed by Ursula van der Riet.

Of course there will be many other breeds on show for your enjoyment- Bengals, Burmese, Devon Rex, Norwegian Forest Cat and of course the elegant and vocal Siamese and Orientals. We must not forget the Domestic Pets- many breeders and cat show enthusiasts start with non pedigree cats. These incredible felines often come from rescue organisations or are found abandoned or neglected and half starved. The people who adopt these cats are very special because it takes patience and many tears to persuade a rescue cat to trust humans again and to see them on the show bench well nourished and socialised is wonderful.

So Pretty! A little rescue found and loved by Lashan & Sher Moodly Singh(Gauteng)

This is the final Cape qualifying show for the coveted Cat of the Year competition.

Alert and elegant - a beautiful Siamese captured by the amazing photographic skill of Ursula van der Riet.

So, if you are free on Saturday 21st May and you are from the Cape- why not visit the cat show at Edgemead Community Centre. Everyone would love to see and talk cats with you.

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