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SACC Judges and students from the various panels met this weekend (15/16 February 2020) at the idyllic Pretoria Sailing Club for a brain storming indaba and also to listen to or partake in the educational presentations on the Agenda.

IJN, the out going Judges' Council, hosted this year's Symposium - these events occur at the end of the individual Judges' Panel's tenure according to the Judges' Council Constitution.

A delightful group photo of those who attended. Photo courtesy of Rita Wiseman.

Another SACC Panel of Judges will take over the role of Judges' Council going forward into 2020. Contact details for the new Judges' Council will be posted on the Judges' Page shortly.

The Pretoria Sailing Club's lake- quite breathtakingly beautiful. Photo courtesy of Rita Wiseman.

And of course any kind of get together means a scrumptious dessert!

A gooey, chocolaty, creamy offering with a lot of fruit to prove that even this is healthy!

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