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Rand Cat Club will host the first cat show of 2022 on the 5th March at Oewerpark, Bashewa, Pretoria East. Jan van Rooyen and his team are hard at work preparing for the big day. Entry Forms are available on the SACC Website, the SACC Facebook Group and from the SACC Registrar.

The Karnaki cats are exuberant about show season!

Many breeds will be on show and our Judges will have the daunting task of assessing, nominating and choosing the Best of the Best; plus this is the first show of the 2022 Cat of the Year season!

Maybe some of these cats or their Breeders will be at the show.

Our exhibitors love the atmosphere and friendliness of being with cat lovers who are absolutely passionate and extremely knowledgeable about their breeds.

Beautiful cats with medium length coats.

And some more cat eye candy! These owners will definitely be at the show.

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