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There are general rules which all cats should conform to as well as conforming to the Standard of Points for their particular breed. The "General Section" of SACC's SOP contains these requirements including a glossary of the terms cat people use; "The Detailed Colours and Patterns" document is a comprehensive description of the colours and the patterns which we find in cats. Each breed of cat can be found within the division to which it belongs: Persian Division/ Medium Hair Division/ Foreign Division/ Siamese & Oriental Division.

Accepted Breeds and Detailed Colours and Patterns are those which have met the criteria required to be Registered by SACC. There is also a Preliminary Accepted Breed section and a Preliminary Colour/Pattern section- these breeds or colours/patterns still need to meet that criteria. 


A Breed Standard description is what every breeder should strive to achieve for their chosen breed; it is also the teaching tool for learner judges as well as the handbook which is followed by Cat Judges. 

The Breed Standard of Points is overseen by the Breed Council.

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