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Breeders of Rex and Sphynx

Under the show rules of SACC



Begun by Danel & Johan Muller of Imoya Cattery; they decided to create the breed group to highlight issues within their own breed, the Devon Rex.  Breeders and non-breeders were invited to participate and BRS was created with the founding members being the Mullers, Wilma Hyman, Grant Leih, and Rietha Scholtz.  Landie Copperthwaite & Andrei Esterhuizen joined a few short years after.

The Breeders of Rex and Sphynx Breed Group (BRS) expanded its role to include the education and exposure of their breeds to the public and members within the cat fancy.  The encouragement of healthy breeding practices and responsible ownership.  Charity become an increasingly important through the years, with donations made to worthy causes in the many thousands.  This through the funds received from exhibitors attending our shows, sponsorship as well as outside contributors.  Each committee member donates an amount every month to this cause.

Succinct practice and updating of applying the Standards are performed through the side classes held at each show.  BRS likewise announces their own Breeder of the Year, Adult, Neuter, Kitten, Stud and Brood Queen of the Year.  This based on the performance of a members’ cats on show country wide, in the hope of encouraging the showing and increasing the representation of our beautiful breeds within SACC.

It is our objective to also bring the fun back into showing.  Often the hobby is taken so seriously and we do our utmost to bring in entertaining and engaging themes, new ideas for exhibitors, regardless of breed; whilst keeping a strong emphasis on the curly and bald breeds.

Active breeds represented:


Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex, Sphynx, LaPerm & Don Sphynx

Inactive breeds:


Peterbald & American Wirehair

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