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The Table Decor with beautiful proteas and Cape Wine.

Guests, Exhibitors, Judges and friends were welcomed with sparkling wine before entering the South African themed function hall at The Lagoon Hotel in Milnerton. Once everyone was seated the evening began with speeches and introductions. Th judges were given a small gift and spoke for a few minutes about the cats which is always appreciated by the exhibitors. It was then time to find out where each cat placed and for starters, main course and dessert - very important to feed people in stressful situations!

Enough with the food and chat- winners please!

Okay Kingsley (above) here goes:

Owned by Carol Anne Paterson.

Owned by Penny Steyn

Neuter of the Year and Cat of the Year: Sp Pr PEARL IT'S A DONE DEAL owned by Rita Wiseman.

All in all a very successful SACC COTY 2019 - Well done everyone!

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