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Dealing with complaints

Everyone has the right to voice their concerns about their perception of a person, club or breeder in SACC either by phone or email to the Central Office but it is unacceptable to "name and shame" that person on social media platforms. This is totally unethical - you will be found out and challenged.

SACC has a comprehensive Complaints Procedure which gives a concerned person the means of presenting his/her case to the organisation. The SACC Office Manager will advise and steer you in the right direction- either by suggesting you try and resolve the issue with the person you are concerned about (not always possible if there is previous history) or by submitting an official complaint or, in the case of a civil matter, suggesting that you consult a legal person.

When an Official Complaint is lodged, it is discussed by the Governing Council of SACC and a decision is taken to either accept or reject it. If accepted, a Investigation Committee is chosen and an investigation into the alleged misdemeanour will take place. The goal is to keep the process confidential- leaks generally come from the person who is being complained about!

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If the complaint has anything to do with fraud or bad breeding practice- the breeder concerned will have all contact details removed from the website breeder listing and "under investigation" will appear under the cattery name. We would be failing the unsuspecting public if we did not alert them when they are looking for a potential kitten- the public cannot comment on the Website but are free to contact the Registrar for info. A message about the breeder's status of being under investigation will be published on the SACC Fb Group and any breed related Fb groups. This message does not include the breeder's name or the cattery name because Facebook Groups are open to a far wider audience and are regularly used as a forum for gossip and venting purposes. Under investigation means addressing a concern to ascertain a person's innocence or guilt - attempting to harm a person's reputation by naming them on Facebook should never be condoned because of the ensuing comments which, without a doubt, will be posted with little proof to back them up.

Unfortunately we live in a world of greed in which our beloved cats are exploited as a money making concern by some uncaring and totally unethical breeders and/or as a means of scamming you out of your hard earned cash for a sickly cat of dubious lineage.

It is very important to take great care if you are thinking of adding a kitten to your family- visit the numerous cat orientated Facebook Groups and ask questions or add screenshots if you are concerned about the breeder. The Admins of these groups are well established and totally ethical breeders. To get you started why not visit "The SA All Breed Cats Group" (see link below) - either Talita, Karen, Jane, Adri, Solly or Marlene will point you in the right direction

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