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The Peterbald is an attractive looking cat with totally unique coat types- hairless, velour, brush or a combination of all hair types. This is a nightmare for the breeder because not only do they have to decide the coat type but they have to wait to do so (can take 2 years for the Peterbald to "set" it's coat type!) Long bodied and elegant but also muscular and firm, the head is of modified Oriental/Siamese type.

This pretty baby is from Bell-Aimee Cattery owned by Aimee Hendrikzs.

Peterbalds come in all colours and patterns including the pointed colours. We look forward to seeing them at SACC shows this year.

More of Aimee's babies- how cute is the pointed one! Thanks for the photos Aimee and Bell Aimee Cattery in KZN.

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