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There are beautiful kittens being advertised on many websites in South Africa. Although the sites are genuine (setting up and managing a website has become easier for the "layman") , in many cases the content is not.

Please visit these Facebook groups - the reputable breeders & members will guide and advise you:

ALL BREED CATS GROUP SOUTH AFRICA - Administrators are Jane Goble/Talita Geyser / Adrienne Swart/ Marlene Engelbrecht & Solveig Klahr.

SA Reg.Cat Breeders & #scamalert - Administrators are Petra Smith/ Fathima Deedat/ Nikki Hague/Lauren Pearce & Mohammed Deedat.

Sites which mention multiple breeds, kittens always available, 50% discount etc generally belong to scammers and the content you see may have been "borrowed" from a reputable breeder or from one of the many cat photo sites on the internet- and not bred or owned by the advertiser.

A typical scammer advert.

It is important to research the breed of cat you are interested in and to ask the right questions which can be verified- such as Which Registering Body to you belong to? I would like to visit your cattery? If the answer is no, why not? Which Vet do you use- may I contact him/her? Which vaccines have been given?

Another typical scammer advert.

Being forewarned is being forearmed when it comes to cat scammers!

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